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Interests: Categorical probability theory, Statistical Physics, Artificial Intelligence, Biology, Neurosciences

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Postdoctoral researcher (Mathematics, University of Artois) and CSO @Projective Consciousness Robotics (Events)

Categorical formulation of Gibbs states

In the classical formulation of Gibbs states ('Gibbs Measures and Phase Transitions' H.-O. Georgii) one must specify a constrained collection of probability kernels called a specification. One can show that specifications are a particular case of couples of functors/cofunctors from a poset to the category of measurables spaces/Markov kernels and that Gibbs states are sections of these couples (Chapter 8 PhD thesis ). A particular case of acyclic couples of functors/cofunctors (for the derived limit functor) are exhibited, that we call decomposable; they have strong motivations in pobability and statistical physics. A resolution in these acyclic objects helps compute the cohomology groups. Presentation slides (PhD Defence)

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Key words: categorical probability, Gibbs states

Adaptive systems in biology

One of the frameworks for understanding how `brains' function is the Bayesian Brain Hypothesis. It states that, in order to preserve their integrity, adaptive systems have evolved so that they can predict the behaviour of their environment. How do they do so? By making hypothesis on the state of the world and uptdating them through observation. In this work we explore how such behaviours appears in activity of biological system without central nervous systems for example at cellular and intracellular scale.

Research work: (Pre-)Publications

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Research work: (Pre-)Publications


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